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Back-end developer

Blockchain My Art (BMA) is a nonprofit association aiming at creating a fair and transparent service based on blockchain technology (Ethereum) dedicated to cultural organizations. It acts as a full solution that goes beyond payment, and offer a full toobox to event organizers: payment system, public mobile app (program, map, etc), point-of-sell app, ticketing integration, etc.
The implementation of this solution offers security and trust between audience and event organizers!
Early 2018, the initiative received a Creative Europe funding from the European Union, allowing its expansion and solidify a credible alternative to current payment methods in the cultural industry.

The context:

Blockchain My Art has been the first payment system of its kind within the European cultural ecosystem. It has been used by events such as TodaysArt (Netherlands), Les Siestes Electroniques (Toulouse), Seanaps (Germany), but also showcased in Athens Music week (Greece), MIL (Portugal), Shape Meeting (Romania), etc.
The Solution:
Blockchain My Art gives complete autonomy to event organizers. Therefore, we offer an environment where festival organizers can customize the experience for end-users:
   • 1 dashboard for event organizers to add all details about their event: public application design (splash screens, etc), music program, but also smart contracts details, beneficiaries or incomes, etc
   • 1 smartphone application for the audience (available on both Android and iOS)
   • 1 application for the event organizer and its staff to process transactions.
   • 1 live distribution vizualisation of incomes (screening of the data of economic transactions of the event).

The Technology:

In a few words, all the intelligence relies on the server that answers API requests from mobile apps.

Required skills:

- NodeJS / MariaDB
- Appreciated : ReactJS
- Good knowledges of API REST
- Good knwoledge in AWS
- Docker
- Stripe integration experience

BLOCKCHAIN / ETHEREUM (Smart Contract / Private Blockchain)
- Solidity
- Good knowledge of Ethereum standards, and deployment frameworks (openzeppelin)

- unit testing (mocha/chi)
- French/Englishspeaking

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